Ridy is a fully featured taxi application based on Flutter and it uses powerful Node.js application as it’s backend. It is designed with all aspects of taxi business requirements being in mind.

Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution - 1

Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution - 2Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution - 3Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution - 4

Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution - 5

Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution - 6Ridy Flutter - Full Taxi solution - 7

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  • Wizard UX for pickup and destination locations selection
  • Select between services available in the region
  • Real-time location updates of driver during trip
  • Call/Text the driver if needed
  • Writing Review & rating the trip
  • Use Coupons to get discounts on service fee
  • History of all credit Transactions available
  • Checkout Announcements for updates, news & etc.
  • Add credit to in-app Wallet with online payment gateways
  • Pay the fee of travel with Online payment or Cash


  • Switch between available & unavailable statuses
  • Accept the most fitting available request
  • Google API calculates fare based on distance and traffic
  • Cancel Travel before starting
  • Call/Text the rider if needed
  • History of all credit Transactions available
  • Checkout Announcements for updates, news & etc.

Admin Panel

  • Overview Showing current online drivers and some statistics about service state
  • Drivers/Riders Showing details and records of their activities.
  • Requests Viewing and searching for all of the service requests.
  • Complaints Manage and view complaints driver/rider made on their trip through the app.
  • Coupons Define new coupon codes that your users can use to get discounts on their services
  • Announcements Send news, updates & etc to drivers or riders
  • Services Define services and set their fee calculation parameters.
  • Regions Define regions app would operate on.
  • Fleets Define fleets to assign drivers to them. By setting a share for fleet commission of trip would be splited between fleet and system admin by that percent.
  • Payment Gateway Define payment gateways that user can use to pay for his trip and top up their wallet.
  • Cars Define car models & colors to be assigned to the drivers later.
  • Users List all users who have access to dashboard with their respective permission to each section.

Live Demo


Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store Web version


Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store




Package Contents

The package you will receive after download consists of following folders:

  • documentation: Available to View Online.
  • driver: Flutter project supporting Android, iOS
  • rider: Flutter project supporting Android, iOS
  • server: Source code of backend and Admin Panel.

Server side source code is available in the package however suggested method of installation remains to be “Easy” installation method if you don’t intend to customize the server side, Bear in mind you can switch later to manual installation mode as well.


  • A Linux VPS (preferably with Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04) to host the server side. You can get one for a price low as 5$/month which can handle thousands of users and scales much easier than shared hosting solutions. For recommendations you can contact through customer panel.
  • A Google Maps account with billing enabled. Google Maps is only used for Distance calculation. All other Maps services are free ones. This means in most scales Google’s free plan suffices.
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