Muly is a featured, scalable short video app platform that includes first-party support for cloud deployment by default. You can launch your own TikTok, Dubsmash or like app in no time using Muly.

The API is secured by personal access tokens, admin panel is reactive, thanks to its Laravel + Livewire foundation. Whereas, the Android app is built on Material Design principles following easy, less code to understand and iterate upon.

NEW! Invites & referral reward system, Bitcoin/BTC payments integration.

Live demo

The demo APK can be downloaded from (normal version) and (with extra Premium customizations e.g., duet, gifts, rewards, business accounts etc.).

The admin panel demo is available at You may use below credentials to login as administrator.

Username: admin
Password: 12345678

Feature highlights

  1. See videos and read news.
  2. Like, comment and engage with content.
  3. Instagram like animated, double tap to like.
  4. Clutter-free playback and recording modes.
  5. Login with FacebookGoogleEmail and SMS (Firebase / Msg91 / Twilio).
  6. Follow, unfollow your favorite creators.
  7. Language selection screen to prefer local content.
  8. Show follow suggestions after login.
  9. Real time one-to-one messaging.
  10. Send cool stickers in chats and comments.
  11. Block or unblock users.
  12. Instant push notifications with FCM.
  13. Deep-linked notifications to in-app content.
  14. Manage user verification status.
  15. Share links or videos directly to social networks.
  16. In-app reviews and updates.
  17. Disapprove inappropriate videos.
  18. Download and share with watermark + username.
  19. Record new video or upload existing.
  20. Choose music from phone, library or existing video.
  21. Recording with start/stop timer.
  22. In-app audio adjustments i.e., latency & volume.
  23. Real time camera filters.
  24. Tag geo-location to profiles and clips.
  25. Request verifications with ID upload.
  26. Apply filters to existing videos.
  27. Slo-mo and other video speed options.
  28. Auto-complete mentions and hashtags.
  29. Privacy on video clips and comments.
  30. Save failed uploads in drafts.
  31. Start hashtag challenges from admin panel.
  32. Customizable about screen.
  33. Emoji keyboard (iOS, Google, Facebook & Twitter).
  34. Custom image (GIF/JPG/PNG) + link ads from admin panel.
  35. Banner/interstitial/native ads by Google AdMob.
  36. Upload clips directly from admin panel (requires FFmpeg).
  37. Promotional banners from admin panel.
  38. Store files on S3DigitalOcean or Google Cloud.
  39. Admin panel has user, staff and admin roles.

The algorithm is simple but quite intelligent. On first launch (after install), the videos are shown in random order. On subsequent launches, the newer videos uploaded after last launch time are shown first, then the random order. If no new videos have been uploaded since, it shows in random order. In both scenarios, clips from verified users are ranked to appear first. There’s also an alternative “sequential” algorithm that shows newest to oldest clip always if available for you to choose if desired.

Getting stickers

To purchase cool, unique (and a lot of desi) stickers for your app, you can purchase them on

Muly - TikTok, Dubsmash Clone Script - 1      

More advertising networks including AdColonyFacebook Audience Network and MoPub are also readily available as customisation for extra fee.

What’s included?

  • The admin panel source code.
  • The Android app source code.
  • Installation guide link.

System requirements

  • Shared or VPS server (with root access recommended).
  • PHP 7.2 & MySQL 5.7 or higher.
  • Optional to install FFmpeg on server.
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Category Mobile
Release date 2021-02-07
Latest update 2020-10-03
Included files .apk, .java, .xml, Sass, PHP
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